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Post  Meesh on Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:53 am

Last Piece of the Sun
By JD Fortune
June 2006

This ride runs through the fire to desire which burns that sugar to a crust
Trust God he's only human makin' time to hear you pray
Stay like a dog and get your reward that gold & diamond jewel encrusted brass-plated chocolate chip orgasm you can buy in a box
It comes with a FORTUNE that says, tied up, dried up, ya f***'d this ride up so follow this one Capt'n slap him, he ain't funny he's only dyin', tryin', lyin', just gettin' by & barely flyin', hurtin', certain, time for the curtain
So bring it down around the mound of sound that pounds the ground of this big show
Slooowww, so I can steal it
Slooowww, so we can feel it
And then you should just adjust that crust, the trust, the bus of which you rush to take it all so you can live and give this glib existence hope? nope! rope float, cope.
DOPE is all that matters when you're livin' from the tatters, and the piercing of some flesh might make you whole
Gone in (or go on) a f***n' minute
This is not the ending, this is only the beginning
You can have it how you want it if you only stop pretending
And start mending the ways of this life now forgotten
You went searching for some truth but you found out that truth was rotten
And some day they might just say that I remember FORTUNE when, & all of a sudden all sins are forgiven,
But you know the truth! Don't forget it when you come, cause we'll still be here
Ooh, it's all clear in the LAST - PIECE - OF - SUN! Last Piece of the Sun


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