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Post  Meesh on Sat Mar 21, 2009 10:32 pm

Rockstar 2005

Here are some old JD Blog entries.

August, 2005
August 20th Well, day one without cigarettes. Had a few withdrawals but nothing I couldn't handle. I'm just keeping myself busy by writing music. Tuesday's show should be great. I'm singing "Cold As Ice". I beefed it up a bit and it sounds great. The house band is very easy to work with and it's nice to be involved with that level of talent. Also they are the most professional group of guys I have ever had the honor of sharing a stage with. This show has been one of the greatest times of my life. I have learned to overcome insecurities, see the bigger picture and to always respect others. Sometime in my past I have let my insecurities get the better of me. The end result - not good. People have lost respect for me over things that I thought were beyond my control. I now see a bigger picture and it helps to put that word "control" into perspective. What do we really have control over? Someone once told me that "will isn't the strongest power, it's the only power." I'll keep you posted on the "non-smoker" life. Until then...
Peace 448

August, 2005
August 22ndWe had a party at the mansion. I broke down and had a few cigarettes. However today is a new day and I'm ready to concentrate on winning this thing.
Peace 448

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Archived JD Media 2005. Empty Jason's Numerology Explained.

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Jason’s Numerology Explained

This was what his birth name meant:

* Jason Dean Bennison - Name number 4:
Associated with instincts, logic, the material world and the intellect
Kabala: Solidity, reliability, the law
Keywords: Hard working, sensible, logical, materialistic
- Family & friends misunderstand them as they make their own enigmatic rules that do not always correspond to those of society.
- Every thought and action is marked with a peculiar individuality
- Speech and actions shock others
- Care little for the present because they're concerned about the future
- Unable to change their personal habits as they are both fixed & stubborn
-Money has little or no meaning but friends are vital
-No desire to impress others & doesn't care where he lives as long he can keep his imagination intact
- Believe in 'live and let live"

This is his name now - it's more positive.

*Jason Fortune & J.D Fortune - Name number 5:
Associated with expansion, tolerance, communication, versatility & movement
Kabala: Life, regeneration, creativity, expansion
Keywords: Education, travel, philosophy, liveliness, creativity, artistry
- Courteous and charming but if they spot flaws or mistakes, will point them out
- Change is a necessity in all areas of life
- Adore travel and movement
- Overanalyze situations and relationships and can talk a love affair to death
- Are extremely bright people
- Believe in magic, fairies and anything mysterious
- Are high strung
- Crave excitement and live on their nerves
- Recover from bad experiences and move on

Life Number: 3 (Michael Hutchence was the same number)
- Born communicators - written and spoken
- Love interacting and are party animals
- Enjoy working with the public & know how to manipulate & influence people
- Perform best when in the spotlight & in front of others
- Don't like to challenged or held back once made up mind about something
- Don't respond well to being badgered, criticized or micromanaged
- Versatile/adaptable person who is easily bored by routine
- Needs freedom to travel and explore
- Has intuition & common sense which leads to success
- Unable to show sensitive side, difficulty in relationships, interacting with others
- Challenges in finding a healthy work/life balance
- Talkative, quick witted, self expressive, loud, attention seekers, verbally aggressive
- Tend to experience sore throats, thyroid problems, suffer burnout, sleep disorders, sinus

Personality Number: 9
- Fun, energetic, exudes charm, sex appeal and magnetism
- Hates restriction, so has many relationships
- Terrible time keeper
- Interested in spiritual matters

Heart Number: 5
- Relationships can bring problems but friendships succeed
- Dislikes authority & restriction
- May study alone or find others to share their views

Destiny Number: 4
- Organized always spending time making lists
- Methodical, efficient, systematic
- Many of them remain single throughout their lives, preferring company of animals to close human relationships
- If they marry, it is to improve financial or social position
- Are faithful but difficult to live with as cannot compromise & have to control everyone and every situation

Karmic Number: 7
- Must learn to use many opportunities that come their way, not to give up when things go wrong
- Show use their compassion & vision for benefit of others as well as themselves
- Should avoid drifting into escapism
- Should embrace alternative ideas & mysticism without being fanatical about them

2005 was his karmic year

Prediction for 2006 Number 9
- Not time to make drastic changes to your personal life
- Important to retain sense of balance
- Make plans for the future, reflect what have achieved, spend time thinking carefully
- Could feel depressed & insecure at times but without this knowledge & understanding, cannot begin the new year with clean slate
- Think less of the past and more of the future
- Do not become oversensitive or obsessive or lose sense of perspective

Prediction for 2007 Number 1
- Ensure affairs are in order
- Must examine own needs & concentrate on making an effort to improve circumstances
- Will be living in a new area and making new friends so put the past behind and concentrate on the future
- Between April and November will be busy with new projects
- Listen to others and avoid behaving in a stubborn or arrogant manner
- Any new people who enter during this year will part of your life for years to come so choose partners & friends carefully

Secret Life Challenge Number 7:
- Ideas & quick thought
- Learn from others
- Don't doubt your ideas
- Brilliance comes in all forms (creatively)
- Implement your ideas

Areas of Strengths

Areas of weakness - need to improve in these areas

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